Leaning Man Brewery

est 2013


26. september 2020. Dette arrangementet er utsolgt. For å få mulighet til å kjøpe billett til Heimabrygd 2021 må du registrere deg. Du får da også informasjon om eventuelle ekstrabilletter. 

Dear Guest

Leaning Man Brewery is a small home brewery, with a vision of creating modern and classy craft beer for any occasion. Social events or served with some good food, we want to add to the experience.

We are a small brewery, founded in 2013 by 4 friends with a passion for good beer. The first year or two was spent getting the brewery up and running, and brewing some various batches for events and ourselves. Over the last years, we have expanded our brewery and created some very interesting recipes of our own. We hope to share this with you, so always look out for a venue featuring Leaning Man. The first beer to leave our hands and get approval from outside taste buds was our India Pale Ale, Virgin IPA. This beer will always remind us where it started, and maybe one day, we will brew it once more with some more experience and finesse.




Building your own brewery?

We have collected a nice series on how to start build your own brewery from start to finish


If you have a special request, this can be forwarded to us with the email  below or come over and meet us at Facebook to get the most recent updates.