BOUNTY VanillaCoconutChocolateMilkshake Pastry stout brewed with fresh vanilla pods from South Africa, a good portion of coconut and some chocolate roasted malts. Why eat pastry when you can drink it, right? STYLE Pastry Stout ABV 9.5 SPICES Vanilla pods, Coconut


CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS This beer has been on a journey, collecting the finest ingredients from around the world. It has been spiced with star anise and honey giving it a round licorice flavour. We hope that it will inspire you to continue exploring with food and snacks. Try it with some Read more…


SOULSEEKER Bush ale, brewed with rooibos tea, naturally rich on antioxidants and positive health effects. Great mountfeel and aftertaste of spicy tea. STYLE Wheat / Fruit ABV 5.3 SPICES Rooibos tea