Brewery upgrades – controller

Published by Leaning Man on

After some time using the controller and the ever-growing community is getting larger, there are some “fine adjustments” being suggested to parts, wiring and usage. One of the biggest one have been regarding the DS18B20 temperature sensor. This sensor, used on both Raspberry Pi`s and Arduino`s is a  “1-wire” sensor and supports several sensors on one bus (GPIO4 in the Pi) The only other connections required is 3V and Ground. New information however suggests that in a series with multiple sensors, it will work better on 5V. We still “pull-up” with 3V, meaning the GPIO4 sensor bus is still joined by a 3V through a resistor, but for the main power supply, it will run better at 5V.

This upgrade is quite easy to do and will from the general consensus, provide a better signal.

If you want a short breakdown on how this looks connected to the Raspberry Pi, see the image below on how you can make this small upgrade.

We will add this updated graphics to the rest of our guides to show the wiring schematic.