Brewsession: Rooibos Wheat Ale

Published by Leaning Man on

Its been a while since we started thinking about a tea ale. We have been over a few tea alternatives, but ended up with Rooibos. With its origins from South Africa (Western Cape), the needle like leaves are used to make a herbal bush tea; Rooibos.

When we tried different types of tea, this tea was the most suitable with beer. We sampled this against a basic wheat beer with a low IBU. This way, its not very bitter, but rather has a sweet and long lasting taste.

Brewing took place in our small BIAB setup, a 12L batch for a sample. We started off with a wheat base, and then added the Rooibos after the boil was ended, just to let it soak a few minutes before removing it.  We added 100g and the sample taste was right around where we thought it would be. So perhaps we got it right? A few more weeks and we`ll know 🙂



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