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  • HLT (Hot Liquor Tank)

  • And so, it began.. The HLT comes together at last.. The hardware: QMax holepunch for a 21mm (1/2") hole. This will ensure a smooth cut instead of burred from a traditional drill.      Link: HLT Coil - weldless type. This does not require any tubing fittings etc to mount.. Its also held suspended nicely when you fasten the two nuts[...]
  • DS18B20 RTD Thermowell

  • If you want to build your brewery setup using an arduino or a raspberry pi, you are likely to use the «one-wire» temperature sensor DS18B20, There is several guides on how to build 1 kettle up to 3 kettle systems, and building the temperature probe into the kettle. If you want to do the same with the one wire sensor, you should use a welded thermowell. There are some thermowell options available f[...]