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Brewery Controller – Fermenter

Its now time to automate the fermenting process. The less things we need to worry about, the more we can focus on what we really love; making recipes and brewing beer! Contents Step 1 – Preparing the Raspberry Pi Connecting cables to the Raspberry Pi Step 2 – Connecting the […]

Brewery Controller – SSR

Its seems that more and more brewers are looking into and building their own brewery controllers. We have had some great chats with other brewers regarding CraftBeerPi and the Automated Brewery Guide for the hardware. Some of the questions that we receive and we find on the forums are related […]

Brewery Controller – Temperature Sensor

If you want to build your brewery setup using an arduino or a raspberry pi, you are likely to use the «one-wire» temperature sensor DS18B20, There is several guides on how to build 1 kettle up to 3 kettle systems, and building the temperature probe into the kettle. If you want to […]

Brewery Controller – Raspberry Pi

SD CARD Preperation: First, make sure your SD card is formatted. The easy method of doing this is from Windows startmenu, search for: diskpart This will give you a small cmd window where we can manually clean and format our SD card. Why not the old fashion way? Because SD cards that […]

Brewery Controller – Complete guide

Recently, we have expanded and upgraded the brewery for larger batches and more effecient brewing. More equipment, requires additional controls. Initially, we were looking at building a traditional controller, using PID`s and switches. This would allow us to control the pumps and heaters. This is the most traditional method for brewery […]