HLT (Hot Liquor Tank)

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And so, it began.. The HLT comes together at last..

The hardware:

QMax holepunch for a 21mm (1/2″) hole. This will ensure a smooth cut instead of burred from a traditional drill.      Link: https://store.brewpi.com/q-max-sheet-metal-hole-punch-21mm

HLT Coil – weldless type. This does not require any tubing fittings etc to mount.. Its also held suspended nicely when you fasten the two nuts on the outside of the kettle.                                                                                                                            *Link: https://store.brewpi.com/mashing/herms-coils/weldless-herms-coil-kit-40cm-npt *This model is soon out of production and will be replaced with a new type

Heating Element (3500W) Reasoning for the wattage is the dimension on our controller and wires to the brewery. A 3kw element will max draw 16A on 230V and we dont have to upgrade to a 25A or 32A setup. Link: https://store.brewpi.com/mashing/stainless-steel-heating-elements/stainless-steel-foldback-heating-element-3200w-32cm

Heating Element Enclosure (mounting kit) is required to build the element inside your kettle. Many have opted for the electrical box type from ebay (seen in many guides) but Brewpi has an exeptional easy and clean one for a good price. This contains the enclosure on the outside, o-rings and locknut. If you already have or are bying a camco element, they have a version for that as well. Link: https://store.brewpi.com/heating-element-enclosure-kit-176

Temperature Sensor (one wire DS18B20) This is optional if you want to measure output temperature of water or wort. This version is intended to be mounted inside a 3way on your ball valve etc. Hence its short and fits without adding additional hardware. Link: https://store.brewpi.com/temperature-control/temperature-sensors/threaded-onewire-temperature-sensor

Then, some thread tape and ball valves to make it complete. All parts are available from BrewPi store. (Shipping worldwide)

Start with the element placement.. It sits about 7,5cm off the bottom to one side. Its a 32mm hole and you need a step bit to get a smooth surface for it. There are QMax hole punches for this dimention as well if you dont have a step drillbit. The heating element then determines where the coil goes. Everything should be as close to the bottom of your kettle as possible. The coil can be placed approximately 2-3cm above the element. Once you have your hole for the element, measure from the center of the hole and add your 2-3cm for the coil. For the coils top hole, measure the coil holes from middle to middle and then apply that to your kettle.

For the overall placement of your coil, it doesnt matter that much. Its more of convenience for where the kettle will be placed etc. See illustration below on the “common placement”

And with that, after mount it all together, the kettle is more or less completed



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