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So, where to begin. Its been a hectic summer, both at the brewery building our new HERMS setup, but also on the IT side. Running websites and all sorts of people engagement media, requires resources and time. All that is done with pure joy and enthusiasm, but there is that risk of dealing with attacks and the shitty part of the world wide web.

Back early June, we took down the site and moved to a new server. Since all of this is self-hosted, the server needs to be maintaned manually, and we upgraded a bit to make that job easier. Just after re-starting the site and server, we had some issues with files not working. Turns out that moving to (for all the nerdy types out there) Debian 9 and php7 did come with some challanges and new bugs. So, june went by trying to sort that out and make the site(s) functional again. We do have two sites from Leaning Man, the other being, a marked site for homebrewing.

By early July, everything was seemingly working fine. Sites are running, visitor numbers are steady and people are sending questions and chatting to us regarding brewery controllers etc.. Mid-July, it all stops again. DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, and our server went down. Turns out, some russian computers where flooding our site with requests, so much so that our little server couldnt deal with it. And we being above average picky on everything working and being up to speed, it started a whole new stress level. Because, a DDOS attack is not visible at first. Your stuff just goes down, and you dont know why. Somethimes, after trying to access the site for several minutes, it would appear, only do go away as soon as you click on a page. 2 days went by with hardcore troubleshooting in between day jobs and families. And finally, running a command to check what is currently “connected to / dialing” our server, we found around 7-10 IP adresses flooding our network every second.

Having some skills with Linux and Debian OS, we ran a BAN command on all the IP adresses, and just like that, everything was back to normal… So, i guess IT is somthing we can now add to our services 🙂 Perhaps a DDOS Pale Ale brew at some point. Anyway, thats how it is, running on your own server, having a website i guess. That was our summer, how was yours? 🙂

Until nextime, keep brewing!


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